Sep. 21, 2018

Notes From The New World Movie Free Download In Hindi

Notes From The New World Movie Free Download In Hindi >>> DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)

"Notes From The New World" is a contemporary retelling of Dostoyevsky's novella which unfolds in Los Angeles of 2011 where dreams and harsh realities collide. It is a place where almost ...DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)































"Notes From The New World" is a contemporary retelling of Dostoyevsky's novella which unfolds in Los Angeles of 2011 where dreams and harsh realities collide. It is a place where almost everyone spies on everyone else, and everyone seems to be playing a dangerous game. Steven is torn between the loves of two women, each of them pretending to be somebody else. The danger only intensifies when Steven comes face to face with the Russian Mafia. Soon he will discover who he really is. On another level the story suggests an amazing reading of the state of the post modern/post communist world. Are we witnessing certain realization of Dostoyevsky's prophecies - especially as far as the Underground Man's dilemma regarding Love/Terrorism is concerned?.. When I received an invitation to the private screening of Notes From The World, I began to think that setting the story, which was based on Dostoyevsky's „Notes From Undeground", in modern Los Angeles might end with a failure. To my surprise, distance of thousand kilometeres and 21st century do not constitute a problem, due to the fact that motifs presented in the film are quite versatile.

Moreover, the acting is definitely a strong point of the movie. The scene of Steven's delirium was convincing and reminded me of Raskolnikov's (a character from Crime and Punishment) such a state of mind, so Notes From The World might be related to other Dostoyevsky's novels as well. Hovever, even if someone is not familiar with Dostoyevsky's works, they will be definitely involved in the plot, which thickens every minute.

I do recommend seeing Notes From The World, because it is another good example of adaption of Russian classics. My former girlfriend bluevelvet599 sent me a link to this page with her fresh review about Notes From The New World. She didn't tell the whole truth, or rather she avoided certain facts that I think could be of value for the film buffs. The truth is that right after the screening in the Corinthian-Peloponnesian film festival I was very angry with this film and hated it very much. Being myself an artist of partially Russian heritage and a Dostoevsky admirer I felt that Notes From The New World is a profanation of his writings and his philosophy… There's even a scene where the heroine, a former Russian actress who became a high class call girl in Los Angeles while being drunk, nicknames the great writer "an angry old testament prophet" and demonstratively destroys his portrait in a theater lobby…

True she was nervous and afraid of the Russian mafia killers who were after her… But why express her feelings (or rather the feelings of the writer/director of the movie) and in a so nasty way?!...On the contrary, bluevelvet599 had an entirely different opinion than mine. She claimed that I'm a conservative, a typical "old European classicist" (or something of this nature – which actually in a certain way is correct and was one of the reasons for us coming to Athens) who prefers the "old world" to the "new world" and don't see, or rather feel the whole picture, the deepest meaning of the film's values (she calls them now in her review "the absurdity and pleasure of our existence")… I told her that she has no right to defend the film without even reading Notes From The Underground (the book that the movie claimed is its source for the adaptation). Honestly, I doubt that at the time we visited Athens, being a typical representative of the computers/I-Pod based generation, she read any of Dostoevsky's books…

In short, we had a fight. I angrily left the room in the hotel and had a long walk in the sleepy Corinth. I do recall that there were a great number of wandering homeless dogs in the nighty streets of the city. Some of them apparently wanted to befriend me, followed me and strangely enough managed to calm me… I then bought a couple of hamburgers in a fast food joint for the new friends and returned to my hotel.

Using the computer in the lobby I found the site of Notes From The New World and watched the trailers and some related videos displayed there. Well,although I don't think that the trailers faithfully represent the film, rather they represent a similar sensitivity… But then something happened to me… I suddenly UNDERSTOOD that I…LOVE the film… I do recall that something similar happened to me after the screening of Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind… First I hated the film very much and then after about a year happened to watch the film on TV again and – using the biblical terms "saw the heavenly light and was converted from Saul to Paul"… or if you wish (using the expression of bluevelvet599) I underwent a transformation from Mr. Hyde to Dr. Jekyll… All in all, as far as the depth of feeling is concerned, Notes From The NewWorld is one of the most truthful adaptation/transformation/conversions of the inner values of the greatest book of the world cultural heritage I've ever seen. Really it's great to be alive! I would suggest to whoever isn't afraid of the Truth in regard to "the absurdity and pleasure of our existence" – go and watch this film whenever available. Back in the hotel in Corinth - I cut a couple of flowers in the inner garden of the hotel (nobody've seen this) and went back to our room. After I'll place this review I intend to give bluevelvet599 a call. Let's see…


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